The state-of-the-art technology and almost limitless choices of today's stains, finishes, styles and designs make wood flooring one of the most practical, easy maintenance and versatile floor coverings today. Maintained properly, wood flooring should never have to be replaced. From traditional 3/4" solid oak, maple and other hardwood species, to pre-finished or long-strip flooring, Remington Floor Company will help you choose the right hardwood floor for your decor and busy lifestyle.

Species: The most popular species of hardwoods are Red and White Oak, Maple, Yellow Birch, White Ash, Cherry and Beech. The choice of species is usually made according to the grain of the wood appearance and the desire color. Wood floors have come a long way in the past few years. Today, there are more styles, colors and species of wood flooring available than ever before. Whether you’re looking for traditional Oak, rustic Pine, exotic Wenge or trendy Bamboo, you’re sure to find a color and style to fit your décor.

Grades: Grade is a technical term used to categorize wood according to its natural appearance and/or the degree of the manufacturing quality. For example, a "select and better" grade would be a more uniform color and without any color defect of the natural grain of the wood. A lower grade as "rustic" or "antique" is naturally with more pronounce color variation.

Widths: Strip flooring is generally offered in widths of 2-1/4, 2-1/2 and 3-1/4 inch. Plank flooring is generally offered in widths of 3-1/4 up to 12 inches wide. The choice between strip and plank flooring will depend on the desired appearance of the finished floor. Strip flooring usually gives a more traditional or formal look to a room; whereas, plank flooring gives a more country or open feel to a room and should be reserved for larger job sizes.


Pre-finished hardwood floors provide a quick, easy, and clean installation and are great for all building and renovation projects.

There is no dust or odor; no need to spend time away from your home. There is no drying time required which means your new floor will be immediately serviceable furniture and rugs can be replaced right away.

Depending on the job size, prefinished hardwood floors are usually installed in a day with little interruption to your daily schedule.


Choosing between installing unfinished or prefinished hardwood floors can sometimes be difficult.

Unfinished flooring requires sanding, staining and finishing; and is generally installed during new home construction or used to match existing hardwood flooring. Unfinished hardwood offers limitless design opportunities by means of medallions, borders, feature stripes, inlays, or patterns.

Usually, a minimum of three to five days are needed to complete sanding and finishing of a site-sanded project. This time frame of course depends on the job.


There are three main types of polyurethane finishes on the market available in either oil or water base:

* Hi-gloss: gives a very shiny finish (85% to 95% luster). Becoming less popular. A very shiny finish has some inconveniences; marks of all sorts are more apparent and scratches and dust are more visible. This type is commonly used on gym floors.

* Semi-gloss: gives an average shine finish (60% to 70% luster). The most popular, it stands up to the industry as a standard for site-finished projects and prefinished factory floors.

* Satin: gives a silky finish (30% luster). Becoming more and more popular when the consumer has some domestic animals. Marks and scratches on the floor show up less.